Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 6 Growth Mindset

I wrote this past week's story using a different style. I wrote through a first person narrator, who was a grasshopper. I made the grasshopper tell the story, but I was the one who translated the story for the grasshopper. This was totally new for me. I tried it and I think it worked out pretty well. 

Pay attention and stretch you knowledge meme


  1. Hi Farhan,

    I see that you like changing up your writing style. That it really good. I am often one to get set into a certain writing style, so then I default to it all the time. It's impressive that you're able to switch it up pretty easily. Keep up the good work! Hopefully you will be able to expand your writing horizons to many different styles. I might try to do so too! Good post, I look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. Hello Farhan,
    I am glad that you are utilizing the growth mindset by challenging yourself to leave your comfort zone while writing. I know that when I did this it was not extremely easy, but the end result makes you extremely proud of your work. It also helps you to think of ways you could write stories in ways that you would have never thought about and it is so crazy to see how the growth mindset has changed my own writing style this semester! I hope you feel the same about it.